Hijab Fashion: How to Pick the Best Hijab for Your Outfit

by Leyla Amiri on December 06, 2018

There are 1 million Muslim women in the United States. 43% of them wear a hijab full-time, while a good chunk wears them sometimes.

If you're one of the population that choose to wear a hijab, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion. In fact, you can make a bold fashion statement with one.

In this article, we'll talk about hijab fashion and how to pick the best scarf for your outfit.

Hijab Fashion Guide

Shop for Neutrals

Buying neutrals to have on hand is a great rule of thumb for any accessory. Of course, your hijab is more than just an accessory, but you'll want to get a lot of wear out of the ones you purchase.

Neutrals are a fantastic choice for purses and shoes, so naturally, picking out neutral hijabs is a good investment. You may even want to spend a little bit more on good quality neutral pieces, and save your pennies on the bold print scarves. This is because you'll be wearing the neutrals with many different outfits.

A neutral works well with almost any outfit and can be your go-to for most any occasion. With a well-tailored suit, a neutral hijab can look sleek and professional. With a more relaxed dress in the summer, it can look a bit more casual.

Consider the Weather

When shopping for hijabs, and pairing them with your outfits, you'll want to consider the weather. You should have some go-to hijabs for the cooler and warmer months.

If you do decide to invest in neutrals, remember to get some that will suit you in the summer as well as the winter. You'll be miserable in a hijab meant for warm weather, even if it's the only one that matched your outfit that day.

Wool hijabs for the winter months are fabulous and can help protect your hair underneath. If you don't wear an underscarf under your hijab, it will be the only thing protecting it from the elements. Wool is mostly water resistant and can help protect your hair from the elements.

Pick a Bold Color to Add Drama to an Outfit

Have an outfit that's an old standby but seems a little bit drab? Perhaps you're wearing all black or a totally neutral outfit and it just looks a little bit sad.

Add some pizazz by picking a bold color, like magenta or deep blue. A bold color can really pull an otherwise boring outfit together and make you look all the more fashionable.

Go for a Print

If you're feeling really sassy, you might want to consider wearing a printed hijab to your outfit. Some women swear by only adding them to more muted outfits so that the hijab doesn't compete. Others prefer to mix the prints to play with the design.

How you decide to dress it is up to you, but prints can be a great way to bring a little bit of something extra to an outfit. Even if your outfit is already extra, it can just take it the extra mile.

Some hijabi fashionistas suggest that if you wear print on print, that you break it up with something white. For example, if you wear a print hijab, make sure you have a white collar sticking out of your printed shirt to give it some space.

Or, if you're wearing printed pants or a printed skirt, you can wear them with a printed hijab providing your shirt is a plain, but complementary color.

Pick Complementary Colors

There are some colors that just work together. Grey and pink. Green and mustard. Play with color combinations to create a look all your own. You can match your hijab to the main portion of your outfit, and throw on a complementary colored coat and shoes to balance out the look.

Complementary colors can be somewhat of a subjective science, and some of us just have an eye for what looks good together. But if you're seeking inspiration, you can try this color wheel. It can help you get a sense of what looks good together fashion-wise, and when it comes to things like interior design and web design.

Play around with some of the combinations, and choose two colors that look great together.

Complement Your Skin Tone

No matter what look you go for, you should be aware that any hijab you choose should complement your skin tone. For most women, a black hijab will be one of the most basic looks, and it works well for most people.

However, there are some rules for different skin types.

For example, women with warm skin tones look best in honey, coral, olive or off-white. You'll look great in warmer versions of pretty much any color.

Cool skin tones work best with cooler colors, like ice blue and gray.

Neutral skin tones tend to favor red, jade-colors, white and red.

Your skin tone doesn't necessarily have to do with the color of your skin. One way to test what type of skin color you have is to look at the veins in your wrist. Women who have green-looking veins have warm skin tones. If the vein looks blue or purple, your skin tone is cool. If you can't tell, your skin tone is neutral.

Hijab Fashion: Living Your Best Life

Hijab fashion is all about mixing and matching and having fun. After all, keeping modest doesn't have to force you to sacrifice your sense of self or most of all, your sense of fashion.

Check out some of our printed hijabs to create an instant bold look.


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