Abaya is a traditional Islamic outfit worn by Muslim women all over the world. It's mandatory for the majority of Muslim women to keep their entire body covered at all time; an abaya is a very loose Islamic outfit that’ll help to keep you comfortable while ensuring that you abide by all the rules of Islam.

Abayas are usually made using soft and free-flowing fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk, lexus, jersey, georgette and crepe. Most of the materials have the following features: lightweight, soft, have drape quality, smooth matte finishing, allows passage of air while remaining opaque and dense, silky and smooth, 100% polyester, and wrinkle-resistant.

A lot of women love the fact that they don't have to overthink about what they're going to wear because they can wear virtually anything under fashionable abayas. Abaya will surprisingly keep the heat in during the winter and keep the heat out in the summer.

While selecting an abaya islamic clothing, women must know that it's not transparent, not body hugging and it's long enough to reach the ankles.

Let's look at the benefits of wearing an abaya dress.

You stand to enjoy many benefits when you wear islamic abayas. Let's take a look at the attraction points:

It's comfortable to wear and convenient. You don't have to waste all of your time to wear modern Abayas. You just put it on and pick whatever hijab you wish to wear on it. Also, Abaya Islamic clothings are lightweight- whether you wear it to work or at home, you'll remain at ease.

Displays faith. A woman who wears an Abaya dress displays her faith to Allah. It's generally believed that women who wear Abayas keep their entire body covered and they're true followers of Prophet Muhammed. They're also respected in society because they follow all the codes of Islamic dressings.

It's stress-free. There are times when you wear a blouse with a skirt/jeans, and you're afraid of getting stuck to the waist part of your skirt/jean and exposing your butt. But then, that doesn't happen with an Abaya dress; it's more like the perfect choice if you're heading up the stairs and there's a guy behind you

It's comfortable. Wearing an Abaya makes you just so relaxed and comfortable as it is a loose and free-flowing garment. Air can easily circulate through the garment, and thus keep the wearer cool. For women residing in countries with a hot climate, there can be nothing better than this outfit.

Provides a sense of security. Women who wear Abayas feel very secure and confident. Because the outfit covers the entire body, it'll reduce the rate at which men stare at the wearer. Since the garment is also loose and free-flowing, it does not reveal the body shape of the wearer; hence they can freely move around.

You look ready for any occasion. Did you return from the supermarket only to discover that there's a wedding you need to attend? You don't have to be worried; Beautiful modern Abayas are just suitable for every occasion.

You don't need a telekung. In reality, many Muslim women feel weird when they pray while wearing jeans or some maxi dress that clinches to the waist. With Abayas, you don't need any telekung.

You don't become a slave of fashion. When you have an Abayas, you don't need to purchase the latest tribal motivated or peplum tops. Nothing more, nothing less; fashion isn't something that should make your love to this Dunia to increase. Moreover, it's not good for the heart of Muslim women.

When you have an Abaya as a pregnant woman, then you don't need to purchase maternity clothes or even nursing clothes; because some open Abayas come with a button in the middle.

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