Burkini is a type of swimwear that women wear when they want to go to the beach and have a splash while maintaining the teachings of female modesty that is laid down by Islam. It is an islamic swimsuit produced by the Lebanese designer, Aheda Zanetti in early 2000s; it is designed in a way that it covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet. The uniquely designed swimsuits is becoming popular among the Muslim women.

The burkini has been described as the perfect solution for conservative Muslim women who may want to swim but are uncomfortable with bathing dresses that are revealing. It does not only enhance the lifestyle of an active Muslim woman, but it provides a smart and viable option for modest women.

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Clothing for swimming, seaside wear, sun protection and bathing has been an influential and vital area of fashionable dress since the late 19th century. The evolution of such costumes has been closely associated with trends in fashion and advancement in textile technology. It reflects broader societal attitudes about the body exposure, personal hygiene, and modesty of muslim women.

Fashionable burkini swimwears are becoming widespread, most especially, when the summer period is forthcoming. It is a great time for fashion because you will get to wear and flaunt your new swimwear, it is also the time to bring out your colored accessories that complements the warmth of the sun. Best of all, you will get to travel to amazing beaches where you can frisk in the seas and bury your feet in the soft sand. We are sure that you must have been overflowing with excitement because of your next beach trip.

Before you head out for that, Hijab New Look has a great solution that can help you out. Check out our collection of fashionable and quality burkini swimwear for your new summer collections. Below are some key points you need to understand about burkini:

  • A burkini must be quick drying/ waterproof and should protect a woman from UV rays;
  • The kind of burkini a woman chooses depends on the type of activity she wants to partake in;
  • A burkini should be able to allow a woman to swim freely;
  • There are some burkini that looks more like tracksuits.

Do you want burkini or Islamic swimsuits that have an intricate pattern? Do you want the dress that make you look extremely radiant and fresh? Are you fond of the ocean and marine life? Do you want swimwear that fuse modern neutral colors alongside a classic floral print? Are you a Fashionista who loves making the world your runway? Are you a Fashionista who would rather keep yourself off-the-radar? Do you want a product that have elasticated pants and are tightened at the feet? Do you want a product that are made of quality fabric? Do you want burkini that are sun resistant and cover parts of your body? Then think no further, we are here to help you out.

At Hijab New Look, we offer hijabs, burkini and other islamic products catered for the Muslim Women's market, our burkini ranges from floral printed, burkini for kids, black printed and colorful essential. We aim to empower muslim women with products and services that will enrich their lives and make them unique. 

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