Full underscarf is a very reliable and working solution for women who wish to either wear sheer or see through their hijabs while maintaining full coverage of the neck and head. They're made from breathable and beautifully soft fabric, making it quite suitable for all year round use.

Listed below are some of the benefits of our full hijab underscarves and why they’ll be more suitable for you to wear under your hijabs:

  • The bottom of the hem of this underscarf is such that it curves in at the shoulder, covers more of the back of the neck and slightly goes out for the front of the neck
  • This is particularly useful and will ensure full coverage most especially when you’re wearing small/sheer hijabs. It’s also useful for ready-made dresses that have V-Necks
  • The fabrics used to make these hijabs are stretchy viscose cotton mix, and they are very comfortable and super soft; hence easy to wear
  • The fabrics are breathable and beautifully soft, thus making the hijab suitable for all year round use.

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