Hijab underscarf is a small piece of fabric that is usually worn under a scarf and used to cover the head. They come in diverse colors, shapes, designs and they're useful for the following:

They're worn under slippery or sheer hijabs; since most underscarves are made from non-slip fabrics, they'll help to give a gorgeous look those chiffon hijabs of yours. With a lot of them made from beautiful and quality fabrics like Broadcloth, Satin, Linen,

They're worn to keep the hair away from the face, and very convenient especially if your hijab slips or becomes loose, so you don't always have to tuck those stray wisps back; There are also good at providing coverage for under see-through hijabs

They can be worn as an accessory; Just as earrings is to an outfit, so is underscarf to a hijab. You can wear different underscarves on the same hijabs; the added advantage is that with each underscarf comes a different and unique look.

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At Hijab New Look, we have a collection of underscarves that reimagines the everyday essential with the best that technology can offer. These underscarves have cooling effects that you need to feel, and they are fit for all-day comfort.

Our underscarves are probably one of the most popular and common types of underscarves you'll ever come across. No scarf is complete without our collection of Hijab underscarf, we have different designs, styles, and colors and we assure you that indeed you'll get to see one that you'll love for yourself, family members or friends because they'll perfectly complement your entire outfit.

Made from quality fabrics, they're comfortable to wear, soft around the neck and suitable to wear all year round.

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Hijab Underscarf (6)

Bonnet Underscarf / 11 Colors


Broadcloth Turban / 10 Colors


Full Underscarf / 20 Colors


Ninja Underscarf / 12 Colors


Satin Turban / 10 Colors


Tube Underscarf / 10 Colors