This is a tube-like underscarf that opens from both ends. It is non-slip and made from either of polyester or stretch cotton. Due to its elastic nature, it is one size fit for all.

It's effortless to wear and slip on over the head; it’s conventionally easier to pull over the head so that it falls around the neck and then pull back over the front of where it will cover all the hair; tube underscarves will give you a hair free fit.

Tube underscarf is also good for layering with other underscarves, all you need to do is to slip on the tube underscarf first and then any other underscarf while leaving a strip of the tube underscarf visible at the front. Based on your preference, you can also choose to layer it the other way round.

To look just perfect, you can select colors that’ll perfectly blend with your whole outfit. This is because we have them in many designs and colors.

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Tube Hijab Underscarf (1)

Tube Underscarf / 10 Colors