Turbans are usually the best underscarf to wear under your regular or slippery hijab. Turban underscarf is a high-quality poly-cotton blended turban style underscarf that is stylish, soft, very comfortable and durable. They come in different design, and you’ll always find one that perfectly suits you and complement your looks.

These underscarves are a must have for every Mohajaba, and they are made of breathable and comfortable fabric materials like polyester and velutum. Turban hijabs are one size fit all underscarf.

At Hijab New Look, we have two collections of high quality and durable turbans: Satin Turban and Broadcloth Turban and they come in different shapes, colors, and design. You’ll always find one amongst our collections that’ll be perfect for you. Please, contact us if you need more help with the choice!

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Turban Hijabs (2)

Satin Turban / 10 Colors


Broadcloth Turban / 10 Colors